Mission Heading

MRT’s mission is “to advance the cause of human understanding by creating theatrical productions at the highest level of artistic excellence and making them affordable to the broadest possible community.”

In concert with the mission, MRT is dedicated to:

  1. Selecting and producing a season of mostly contemporary plays that provide its audience with fresh theatrical experiences.
  2. Showing by example that the Theatre is not a commercial pursuit but rather an art form of substance and meaning; that artistic creation is a dedicated form of public service and the artistic work is the primary contribution that a non-profit theatre company makes to its community.
  3. Finding the most talented directors, designers and actors available from New York, Boston and across the country to create the artistic work, attracting them using MRT’s reputation for high artistic standards, for producing new and challenging material, for maintaining the best possible work and living environments, and for cultivating an uncommonly intelligent and appreciative audience for whom to create and perform.
  4. Maintaining a strong and stable institution that provides the facilities and resources necessary to support the creation of the artistic work and enhance the audience’s appreciation of it. 
  5. Operating under a “small but excellent” producing philosophy that emphasizes quality over scale.
  6. Creating a collaborative environment for artists and staff in order to encourage a company-wide feeling of unified purpose.
  7. Encouraging full community access and open-minded reception of the artistic work by keeping ticket prices as low as possible.

The principal values of “artistry, excellence and integrity” inform and guide MRT’s artistic production, institutional operation, and community service.


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