Learn More About 'Lost Laughs: The Slapstick Tragedy of Fatty Arbuckle'

Want more insight into the historical and social context of the life and times of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle?

We've compiled some resources for audiences to get a closer look at the world in which the events of Lost Laughs: The Slapstick Tragedy of Fatty Arbuckle took place. Check back to this page often, as more resources will be added.

  • Learn more about the real life Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle over at Smithsonian.com with this article about the infamous court case and this article about Arbuckle's legacy as a comedian. [contains show spoilers]
  • Attend our special post-show discussion Women's Rights, Prohibition, and the Fall of Fatty on March 1. Visit mrt.org/specialevents for more info.
  • Read reports from our Cohorts about the process of bringing Fatty to the stage on our blog, mrtbackstage.wordpress.com. For information about our Cohort program, visit mrt.org/cohort-club.
  • To see Fatty Arbuckle's work on film, visit youtube.com/arbuckle.
  • Learn more about the social and political climate in the Bay Area during the 1920s with this episode on the decade from KRON-TV.
  • Watch our Facebook Live Q&A with playwright and actor Aaron Muñoz or read the transcript here.



  • Read director's note from Nathan Keepers about the modern day relevance of Lost Laughs: The Slapstick Tragedy of Fatty Arbuckle here.
  • Read a letter from our Artistic Director, Sean Daniels about how the show addresses the history of our country's relationship with celebrity here.