The Barr-Klarman MA Arts Initiative

MRT Earns $450,000 Grant from Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative

The Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative recently selected MRT to receive a grant of $450,000-the largest foundation grant in the theatre's 40-year history. A partnership between two Boston-based foundations-Barr and The Klarman Family Foundation-the initiative is a $25 million, six-year investment in 29 arts and cultural organizations from across Massachusetts.

Participating organizations receive flexible, multi-year operating support grants, in addition to training and technical assistance from TDC, a nonprofit consulting and research firm. MRT's engagement in the initiative begins with two grants totaling $450,000 over a three-year period.

Executive Director Bonnie J. Butkas said, "The Barr-Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative is an incredible opportunity to become financially stable, build capacity, and grow our focus on Equity Diversity and Inclusion. We are thrilled to work with both foundations to position Merrimack Repertory Theatre for growth and success."

Artistic Director Sean Daniels said, "The ability to create more engagement opportunities, diversify the work we do on stage, and invite our community more into the creation of new work, all leads to our goal of being the leader in new play production in the country. Today we're a huge step closer."