MRT is excited to work with playwrights on scripts that are still in development by providing the opportunity for writers to workshop these plays. Working on a script with actors and a director gives the playwright the opportunity to develop their writing in ways that can't happen alone in a room with a keyboard. Workshops also give MRT the chance to further develop plays that are already slated for production or those being considered for a future mainstage season.

MRT is partnering with UMass Lowell and Middlesex Community College to add another beneficiary to the workshop process: students. Students at both schools have the opportunity to witness, and in some cases, participate hands-on, in the workshop process, providing access to professional theatre artists and play development that they would otherwise not see in an academic setting.


Photo of Kenneth L. Roberson, director/choreographer of Nina Simone: Four Women, teaching students at Middlesex Community College.