"The Best Brothers" Synopsis

Caution: Contains Spoilers

Hamilton and Kyle Best receive tragic news: their mother, Bunny, has been killed, crushed by a drag queen fallen from a gay pride parade float.

The brothers argue endlessly and hilariously over every detail of the ensuing arrangements and aftermath. They fight over the wording of the obituary: who to mention, and who to leave out. Should Hamilton’s wife Jules get mentioned? What about their absent father, or the woman he ran off with? Or Bunny’s string of lovers after the split? At Kyle’s mention of “Enzo,” however, Hamilton draws the line, refusing to let him make the cut.

Enzo was Bunny’s Italian greyhound, who’s now living with Hamilton and Jules, chewing up the cupboards in their expensive new kitchen.

They continue arguing, this time about the visitation: when to schedule it? What food to serve? Kyle suggests “fancy sandwiches” and chocolate cake, and shares fond memories of their mother; Hamilton is less keen on a warm reception.

With the visitation underway, tensions keep rising. Hamilton is upset that Kyle doesn’t seem to take things very seriously. (Hamilton gets upset with Kyle a lot.) When Hamilton agrees to deliver the eulogy at the funeral, Kyle feels slighted. Ultimately, Hamilton agrees to let him give just a few words.
But instead, Kyle interrupts incessantly. More and more childhood baggage is unpacked as Kyle warmly reminisces about shared family memories, only to be shot down each time by Hamilton, who recalls only how Bunny favored Kyle over himself.

Through the sympathy cards, the reading of the will, and plans to sell Bunny’s home, there is bickering and of course, there is Enzo, the dog who brought so much love and joy to Hamilton and Kyle's mother.

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