By MRT Cohort Gail Gauthier


Cry It Out is the last MRT production this season. It is roar-out-loud hilarious. The opening scene of two women sipping coffee in the backyard, holding baby monitors, sets the tone for humor. It is quickly obvious that Jessie (Erin Felgar) and Lina (Natasha Warner) are from vastly different backgrounds. As moms of newborns, they have common emotions and feelings, the bond of their friendship. They engage in non-judgmental humor and support. There are lots of tears and breast milk spilling on the stage.  Playwright Molly Smith Metzler, has the two women in survival mode socializing their babies.

Along comes Mitchell (Mark David Watson), the wealthy next-door neighbor, pleading with the women to be friends with his wife Adrienne (Polly Lee), who is not connected with her newborn.  When Adrienne arrives at the backyard coffee-time, she obviously does not want to be there. She is wealthy, artistic, and egregious toward the women and about newborn care. Jessie tries to engage her, while Lina’s responses are very blunt (and hilarious).

So, there sits three women together because they have newborns – conceived, born, and raised in different styles. So, what do they have in common?  The playwright says it is challenges facing new parents and unfair socioeconomics for childcare. And parenting is not only a woman’s issue. That is surprisingly seen through the male character, who does most of the loud crying-out in frustration.

The differences or similarities of the women emerges when they discuss if they will let their baby be left alone to “cry it out” until they fall sleep. Who will, or will not, use this controversial “teaching” sleep method?

I sat in the front row between two men of different ages who were laughing out loud all during the play, as I was. This play has humor for all. The characters and emotions are perfectly portrayed.