Here’s a quick look at the design work going into 45 Plays for 45 Presidents.

Set Designer Michael Raiford wanted to figure out an iconic American image that 1) involved presidents and 2) left room for the projections in the show (each president appears) and  3) wasn’t Mount Rushmore….so really what is left besides:

45 with extentions
The set will take the shape of a giant dollar bill, accompanied by projectuion screens and light boxes.

This set allows us to tell you when something being said is an actual quote (as truth is stranger than fiction), the blocks can be used to set up multiple locations (and store the tons of props) and there’s nothing more iconic and American, than the almighty dollar.

Also with light it can look incredibly different (see below – and who doesn’t want a Reagan laugh-in door? Just me? OK, just me.)

laugh in

To see more of Michael’s work go to:

Costume Designer Lee Viliesis wanted to make sure that we had a uniform look for the show, but that we also got to see a bit of all the styles American clothes have gone thru over the last 100 years. Check it out:

Costume renderings
Fashion shifts from the 30s through the 70s

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-Sean Daniels, Director